Honey Nut: an often sweet yet evil english person who is very addicting to talk to but dont tell her she'll tease you if you say nice things.
Bob: Today was such a long day, but it's ok because I got to talk to my Honey Nut.
by Cowboy Wesley September 9, 2006
When you act like your about to cum on a girl, except you piss on her instead.
by OnlyGodKnows November 1, 2007
A sexual act in which one person spreads honey on the testicles of another person and then proceeds to lick it off.
Olivia spread Joel's legs and lathered his balls with honey, licking it off afterwards giving Joel the best Honey Nutting he has ever had.
by K3nny34 April 22, 2017
STICKY (verb) when an object is literally & figuratively adhered to another object;Or in other words when ya got something dank stickin' to yo shit it's honey nuttin...it could either be pleasant or slightly sleezy.it could also be used to describe the qualities of certain plants and animals.
Sticky- as in the humidity content.

"dude you've totally got a cherios honey nutted to your ass."
"I think i may be honey nutted to your funkyness."
"yo your fingers are honey nutted to my ass."
"This ganga be so DANK it's honey nuttin to my finga tips"
"Momma- can you please make me a honey nuttin' PB and J sandwhich? with some cheetos."
by Lindsay, Yuill, MIke April 29, 2008
When a close freind (probably named deacon) wants to nut in your cereal
(Deacon was possibly steaven newed
What? Who honey nutted in my Cheerios?
by The th0t police February 14, 2018
When a man hooks up with another man's female and ejaculates on her and then tells her to leave.
I had Bob's wife come over last night for some Honey Nut Cheerios.
by Shulkie January 10, 2013
to ejaculate on the vagina of a female and then have a second female consume the cum that is on the vagina.
Yo man, Jessica and Elena gave me a honey nut cheerio last night.
by Haywoodjablowmi March 3, 2008