when one buys an item and feels regret about the purchase soon thereafter. while buyer's remorse is normally restricted to expensive purchases that have probably busted the buyer's budget, this sentiment can also occur when a person buys a totally useless and inappropriate item.

This is not to be confused with winner's curse.
Karl: Chris has a serious case of buyer's remorse coming up pretty soon.

Ryan: Really? What makes you say that?

Karl: He just bought a silly ass Dontrelle Marlins jersey just bc it costs $30. Wait until he realizes that instead of buying something that will only make him look stupid if he ever actually wears it, he could have just saved; that dude loves saving money.
by his majesty the king April 29, 2008
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The phenomenon of girls with low self-esteem who jump into bed with men (or women) they barely know, then afterwards are so filled by regret and disappointment and loneliness that they in some way try to justify their behavior by claiming that they were taken advantage of and didn't make a conscious personal choice.
"Well why did you sleep with him/her if it makes you this upset? Didn't you want to?"
"I...I don't know if I wanted to...I feel like I was taken advantage of."
"That's buyer's remorse bitch."
by alohamora September 19, 2008
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It is what happens when you're a poor 25 yr old working in the publishing industry and you have a few bucks to spare and you go out and buy $200 Prada sunglasses and return them a week later because you realize you should really be spending it "practical" things.
I had buyers remorse because I bought a pair of $200 sunglasses and returned them a week later, because I really should have paid my rent that month.
by s28 June 29, 2006
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That feeling you get when you realize that the person you voted for in the last election was an even bigger disaster than the one they replaced.
Watchingwhat the new presidentdid to the country during his first week in office, many Americans immediately developed buyer's remorse.
by THX1180 March 12, 2021
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The feeling of sadness and depression one gets when returning from shopping with not much to show for one's day.
Guy 1: I wish I'd bought that Iron Man dvd today, now I'm so depressed.
Guy 2: Dude, you totally have the Non-Buyers Remorse.
by ScaryWardrobe November 9, 2010
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