to perch or straddle someones face while they are lieing on the ground. then punching them in the stomach or balls. making them sit up into your anus. making you resemble a creature of the night.
by SEVENDURT August 31, 2008
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Its reference to a female's booty that you cant see right away. It can be a small & tight butt or (i prefer) a big & ferm booty.
Also a gargoyle is the butt version warlock (see warlock)
guy1: "Wwwoo, did you see her booty?"

guy2: "Damn, naw man!

guy1: "You got to get a glimps at that gargoyle!"
by AntonioDaniels July 12, 2008
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An old person, 40-75, that works in a school but just stands in the lunchroom yelling at kids all day; has characteristics of a gargoyle, including hunch back, bird like reflex's, and everyone tries to annoy her.
Jack: who's that teacher?
Jill: oh, she's new. She's such a gargoyle.
by Foho February 07, 2011
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A truck driver usually an owner operator but not always who uses his truck to hook up to & steal a semi trailer that is left unattended.Then he can break into it at another location or use it to load cargo to steal that.Also someone who specializes in stealing semi tractors and sometimes heavy equipment.
Damn it! I just left the trailer behind the store for 20 minutes to drop by the house & some gargoyle swooped in & stole it!
by tinybigfish May 09, 2010
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a person characterized by an enormous chin and a preference to sit in gargoyle position (squatting with knees up by the previously mentioned chin)
Evan Tobie is the original gargoyle
by James Longfield October 07, 2008
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1. A woman resembling a fish. 2. To cleanse the throat and mouth.
1. With a snout like that, Juanita looks like a gargoyle. 2. Go gargoyle with Listerine, Greta.
by Harry Flashman November 12, 2003
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A woman who is clingy in nature, who after the relationship has ended and at times during the relationship, become obsessive and borderline stalker.
Man 1: "Hey are you going to the bar tonight?"
Man 2: "No, my gargoyle is there."
Man 1: "Didn't you break up with her?"
Man 2: "Yes, she won't leave me alone hence why I called her a gargoyle"
by Big Papa Yuk May 12, 2011
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