the act of perching one's self upon the toilet ass naked to enable gravity assisted excrement evacuation
during extremely loose bowel movements the gargoyle should not be attempted due to splash back results and ankle dirtyage
wearing of socks may cause slippage and bodily injury
toilet seat life greatly diminished by gargoylage
Jeff is rushing to do the gargoyle after all that Chipotle!
by LT Jeff February 15, 2007
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Gargoyle (gar-goy-uh-l) (vb.) : In this act of oral sex, the female will commense actions by laying herself down upon a couch. During this time, the male will mount himself on the ledge of a couch, in a position similar to that of a baseball catcher. Following this, the male will begin to insert his cock into the mouth of the famale who is laying down. The male takes upon a three point stance atop the couch similar to a football player or similar to a gargoyle statue. The male must be crouched on the top on the couch and with his free hand, push his erect, pulsating cock into the mouth of the female. If a person were to take a picture, it would look like a gargoyle statue is putting his cock into the mouth of a female. Hence the name, gargoyle.
Ray: "Oh man, you remember that slut I brought home last night?"

Eric: "Yeah. You have sex?"

Ray: "No, but I gargoyled her!"

Eric: "Boss."
by Michelle Wiater January 22, 2012
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Usually mistaken as demons (which they shouldn't), Gargoyles are another winged creature. Usually friendly, can learn any magic, can learn any skill, and are much more social. Plus, they can be creatively designed in more unique ways than a demon when it comes to concepting them, so you'll have more fun with a gargoyle than the latter ;)

One breed that's often mistaken for demons is the Mimic Gargoyle. They're red, often have tipped tails and horns, but they have no ears. If you encounter a demon without ears, chances are it's a mimic gargoyle. :)
"Aww, that gargoyle is so cute!" *hugs*
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
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A gargoyle is basically when a man squats over a womans face, and while ejaculating, he screams a scary face and makes scary hand claws.

The practice is used in certain cultures to ward of unwanted intruders in the woman's vagina.
Jill: He came on my face like a gargoyle, as to protect me from unwanted intruders.
by Epoche Von Wasserman July 09, 2010
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a person with a nasty grill and hideous facial features
Crystal is a gargoyle
by .LK July 19, 2005
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1. A gargoyle is a drainage spout found on Gothic structures. Though many are grotesque representations of human or mythical forms, the proper context is that of a structural element, not a mythical creature.
Gargoyles were often carved into grotesque cariatures of people the stoneworkers might personally know.
by Belisarius March 02, 2004
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beastly stone creature, cool old school cartoon. monkey beast, flying man eating bitch
You fat gargoyle, give my sandwhich back!
by dusty December 24, 2004
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