(noun) The total collective sum of what someone is presently without, or to the negative, as the end result of having any type of dealings with others whom the person knew good and hell well beforehand that such individuals were absolutely and in totality complete pieces of dog-shit, thieving-ass cutthroat bastard mother fuckin human trash.
Jerry stared at his home in complete shock even though the slippage was undeniable. Under the illusion of housesitting while Jerry went on a short 4 day vacation, Brandon and Betsy had pulled a complete fuckover on ole Jerry-Bear. His home was turned upside-down and ransacked, it appeared as though anything that could be resold was taken. It appeared as though the only thing that hadn't been taken were the sheets stretched and torn, hanging from the mattress of Jerry's bed, and it looked as though they had been used as both an ass-wiping rag because of the fecal streak marks about it, and also a come rag they used to wipe themselves off with that had the couple's sex juices sticky and stained all over it.
by Nikki Stixx October 3, 2021
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the act or result of too much lube on a sexual partner.
I was bangin her out but the lube caused some slippage and i fell and broke my hip.
by Jesse March 3, 2005
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When a man's cock accidently slips out of whatever he's fucking. Can happen if he misjudges his stroke, if his partner is too loose or wet, if his cock is short, or if he is unfamiliar with a position (usually doggy-style).
That girl was wide open, man. Way too much slippage, and right when I was 'bout to bust. (Note: Generally not a word used in normal conversation. 'Slip' would be the most commonly used variant.)
by FuzzyLawliet November 20, 2008
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when skin slips of a corpse. just slides right off. just think, it's going on right now, down the street. slippage
a body is lying there and all of a sudden some of the shoulder just slides off. slippage!
by Ivan August 2, 2004
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When a woman is on her period and her poopy is all slippery and runny and messy. No effort to move the bowels is required, the poop just "slips" out.
Sorry I couldn't hang around. This damn slippage is keepin' me on the poop tank all day
by Alpha-Bumble January 6, 2005
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the danger of one's eyes slipping to the man while viewing heterosexual pornography
In unfortunate circumstances, eye slippage may result in lower whiplash. (Jeff Murdock, Coupling)
by Ian Z. December 30, 2008
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an act or instance of slipping through the cracks.

an amount or extent of slipping through the cracks.
Last year we missed out on a large number of candidates, because they slipped through the cracks. This year, the crack slippage has been greatly reduced.
by Chicwa February 8, 2011
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