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The Microsoft of the gaming world.
Bunch of arrogant, stuck-up and money-grubbing shits that try buying out nearly every PC game on the market, and write inflammatory and degrading reviews for any game produced by any company that wouldn't sell out to them. The name "GameSpy" is an irony, given the extremely unreliable nature of the GameSpy Arcade network. Of course, every game that GameSpy sponsors and pretty much "owns", encourages users to install GameSpy's own crappy, invasive and largely ineffective software with the game's installation.

GameSpy also owns FilePlanet, which, unsurprisingly enough, requests users to sign up for a registered account in order to download files. The amount of advertisements and other bullshit that craps up FilePlanet's pages doesn't make it worth having whatever shred of patience a user might have to download a file.
GameSpy just needs to stop existing. Please.
by Alhadis August 29, 2005
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Company that gave us such wonderful things as Gamespy Arcade, FilePlanet, and the most arrogant staff of reviewers in the world, not to mention a website that is filled with annoying adds that are embedded into the fucking browser window.
Goddamned I hate Gamespy.
by C-can January 29, 2004
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A site filled mostly with uncultured swine that are extremely bad at reviewing games. Gamespy Arcade is a very very very very... very bad online game finding... thingy. Also home to Fargo who is the Gamespy Networks only redeeming feature.
I'ma check Dailyvictim and Fargo on Gamespy.

God DAMN I hate Gamespy Arcade!
by Jacob Creek December 07, 2003
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The most ignorant and selfish network ever in the Internet history.
GameSpy? Oh, yea GaySpy, bubye now.
by Mushroom December 12, 2003
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Just an update to the previous entry.........It still sucks and the lack of support is amazing. But, at least they think they do a good job.
Me: Your software doesn't work.

GameSpy: It's your firewall, not our software.
by Crackhead Bob April 10, 2007
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its a fucking stupd program that freezes up on you all the tme and causes so many errors...but also a place where you can meet freat people and play with them too but other than that its jus shiat
"sorry bout that..stupid gamespy froze up"
"im gonna kill the people who made gamespy so friken homo"
by vash July 10, 2003
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