A variant of shit that allows you to bypass certain chatroom and forum filters.

Spelling in the same vein as biatch.
"I ain't paying that. Fark that shiat!!"

"No shiat, sherlock!"
by No one specific. November 19, 2002
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what you say when you get caught bangin' your biatches best friend.
by bill clinton July 25, 2003
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"I hacked a shiat load of people today."
by KRHimself November 10, 2003
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What you say when you are the only guy in a Girls Gone Wild Video.
O "Shiat"! im defently gettin a fuck load of ass tonight!
by Zoolander July 18, 2005
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A delicious variety of bread, most commonly Italian or French. However, the bread itself was devised in Campobasso, Italy by Italian breadmaster Antonio Linguine. It was done so during the sunken depression of 1827 when a particularly derivative, affordable and yet sumptuous bread varietal was required by honest Italians in those dire days. Today Shiat survives as a delicacy all throughout the world.
Paisano: Yo dawgonnio, gimmea sommedatio Italian Shiåt™ boiguine!

Shaggy: Damn it Scoob, you ate all my Shiat!

Michael Forceno : That's some tasty shiat
by Luigi Linguine March 10, 2008
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An emphasis of the word "Shit" commonly used in reverence or awe. "she-aht" is the phonetic pronunciation, drawn out, once again, to emphasize the word and make a phrase similar to "holy shit" and the like while sounding more badass.
"Is that you, Rick? Under all that man bush? Shiat.... I would NOT have messed with that guy."

~Negan, The Walking Dead; Season 7, episode 4
by Drunken Hamster October 29, 2017
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The alternative of the formal word, shit, but created for a younger audience and for the pourpose of not getting yelled at by old a-holes!
Oh, shitat! Did you see that?

You're full of shiat!
by ...best friends suck... August 5, 2005
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