The act of extreme mutilation. Derived from the 1996 movie "Fargo" in which a kidnapper feeds his accomplice through a woodchipper.
He came at me and I was like, bra please, I'll Fargo you so bad you'll be bleeding for years.
by eballa March 25, 2011
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The best city in the upper Midwest besides Minneapolis. 2006 population 102,254 (from the city) and growing. On the west side of the Red River of the north in North Dakota. Moorhead, Minnesota is located on the east side with almost 40,000 (38,346). Metropolitan area is just about 215,000 and is growing quite quickly. Many new developments in the suburban area and downtown. GROWING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!! Home of the worlds largest all sports store, Scheels. Also the headquarters is located here.
Many new restaurants, retail, and offices are being put up all over town. Great place for young rich people.
Fargo is growing at a very fast pace.
by Matt from SD June 29, 2006
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A city in North Dakota that produces people who do not know how to properly pronounce "bag", "tag", "lag", "rag", "sag", "hag", "jag", "nag", "wag", "zag", or "flag". They seem to replace the "a" with "ay" and seem to take pride in the way they butcher the English language.
Lauren is definitely from Fargo--I know because she doesn't know how to say the word "bag".
by Grammar Not See July 16, 2014
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The largest city in North Dakota with population of about 100,000 itself and almost 250,000 in the whole metro area and growing rapidly. A pretty decent place to live with an awesome night life, lots of college kids as there are 3 major universities in the area. The only downside would be the frigid winters, which are not for the faint of heart. Besides the few cold months of winter fall is beautiful, summers provide a short drive to beautiful Minnesota lakes country, and a decent spring. Also, it is extremely hills whatsoever. Lots of shopping and culture. Has the most pristine air and lowest crime rates in the US for a city of its size. Also, still experiencing an economic boom unlike the rest of the country.
I have to admit to having the Fargo accent.
by SamanthaEm August 21, 2008
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An eastern North Dakota town that loses thousands of young every year due to its lack of entertainment and scenery. Many who live in Fargo are ego-centric and self-centered republicans who think they live in the best city in the country. Full of mass amounts of alcoholics, as the only thing to do in the city is drink. Fargo will cause depression if not left. Also, full of posers of all genre.
Dude, Lets go drink man in downtown fargo man. Alright! Lets go get plowed and drive around in my loud truck listening to my rap/country mix cd.
by Kranston Leaflet September 27, 2009
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A cool Midwestern city in North Dakota, and is the largest city in its respective, previously-mentioned state. The city isn't a bad place at all, in fact, there is plenty of evidence to convince people that it isn't.
First of all, Fargo, ND had a population of just over 60,000 in 1981. Now, more than two decades later, the city's total population has soared to well over 90,000. If Fargo was so horrible, I don't believe it's population would keep steadily climbing.
Secondly, Fargo has plenty of access and transportation. With the Hector International Airport and the small metropolis' location along Interstates 29 and 94, the city is easy to get to.
There are also plenty of attractions, including , a historical village in West Fargo, horse ranches (see also dude ranch), a musuem dedicated to flight and aircraft, the Roger Maris Baseball Musuem, the Thunder Road Family Fun Park, the Red River Zoo, and the Red River Valley Speedway (Stock Car racing), as well as the FARGODOME, an all-purpose exhibit hall and arena that features numerous concerts with well-known bands, festivals, circuses, and several sporting events.
Fargo also has plenty of shopping centers and malls, especially with the ones in the adjacent sister city of Moorhead, Minnesota. The largest of all of these Fargo malls is the West Acres Shopping Center with over 120 stores and a massive food court. The second largest is Southpointe Mall with 18 stores and is newly-built.
Fargo, in my opinion, as well as those many others, is an awesome city, and sounds like a great place to raise a family.
I would love to go visit Fargo someday.
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 23, 2005
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A city of around 100,000 on the Eastern border of North Dakota alongside Moorhead, Minnesota (pop. 35,000) that has a metro population of around 200,000. Home of North Dakota State University. Lots of college-aged people in Fargo, but a majority of them move away by the time they reach 25. Very white, but there's starting to be a good influx of Latinos and African-Americans in the city. Only city in the US where you could die in the winter if you're not dressed properly.
Fargo is a typical average Midwestern small city.
by 2 Dollar Bill February 4, 2006
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