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"The guy's jacking off over kiddie porn? Man, he's suck a fucking DAMF"
by Alhadis June 25, 2004
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BROM is a widely recognized and highly acclaimed veteran in the fantasy art industry, distinctly recognized for the "dark feel" he embelishes in his paintings. Work is often found published in Wizards of the Coast products, and similar Role-playing games (eg, D&D, Dead Lands, Magic: the Gathering, etc)

(Further reference: Official art site can be found at BROMART.com)
Fanboy: Man, Brom's art is da COOOOLEST!
by Alhadis January 19, 2004
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The Microsoft of the gaming world.
Bunch of arrogant, stuck-up and money-grubbing shits that try buying out nearly every PC game on the market, and write inflammatory and degrading reviews for any game produced by any company that wouldn't sell out to them. The name "GameSpy" is an irony, given the extremely unreliable nature of the GameSpy Arcade network. Of course, every game that GameSpy sponsors and pretty much "owns", encourages users to install GameSpy's own crappy, invasive and largely ineffective software with the game's installation.

GameSpy also owns FilePlanet, which, unsurprisingly enough, requests users to sign up for a registered account in order to download files. The amount of advertisements and other bullshit that craps up FilePlanet's pages doesn't make it worth having whatever shred of patience a user might have to download a file.
GameSpy just needs to stop existing. Please.
by Alhadis August 29, 2005
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Widely (and correctly) considered the Godfather of Heavy Metal. ^^' Friendly, easy goin', hella cool and a great guy to know, nobody plays metal better then Ozzy. ;)

Note that popular belief often attributes Ozzy to being a violent, Church-hating wife-beating alcoholist. Nothing could be further from the truth... Ozzy's a friendly guy who loves and supports his family and fans, and one of the few artists of the heavy metal genre who's modest and easy-goin' enough to not take music too seriously ;) (Example, the "wannabe-Anti Christ" Marilyn Manson XP). Black Sabbath rules!
Ozzy's an awesome guy who kicks the asses of all other artists easy. Forget Metallica, Black Sabbath will forever live on! Yeah! ^_~;
by Alhadis August 22, 2004
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Australian colloquialism meaning "mate" or "friend", but not necessarily in the literal term. Can be used to address a stranger in leiu of "Hey, you there!" or "Hey, kid!" in a more friendly manner. As the word's been used since the earliest Colonial settlements of Australia, many Aussies mistakenly believe the word is archaic and no-longer used. In actuality, it's simply slightly less understood then more generic forms of greeting (such as "mate").
"G'day, cobber."
"G'day, mate. How're ye doin'?"
"Aw, been flat out like a lizard drinkin'. Hear the Sydney Swans hammered Collingwood on Saturday?"
by Alhadis March 30, 2005
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1) The title of Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor responsible for performing the most gruesome and brutal medical experiments in recorded history. Orchestrated numerous grotesque debaucheries to prisoners transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, selecting them for either labour or extermination, acts of which earned him the title of "Angel of Death".

2) A Slayer song inspired by Josef Mengele's treatment of prisoners during WW2, which happens to be their most famous and well-known song (which says the least of how awesome this fucking song is; if you ever get sick of it, don't let a Slayer fan hear of it, for your own safety). Unfortunately, this song's also used as a crutch by posers claiming to be genuine Slayer fans; when asked about their favourite song, chances are a poser is going to answer "Angel of Death!" A true Slayer fan would follow up by mentioning several other favourites of Slayer's countless awesome works (in this author's opinion, there's only one or two Slayer songs he *doesn't* like; everything else is a brutal masterpiece of Slayer's nearly unmatchable skill).

Angel of Death might be one fuckin' awesome song, but it's by no means the only masterpiece of thrash metal that Slayer have recorded. Songs like "Skeletons of Society", "Crionics", "Tormentor", "Blood Red", "Dead Skin Mask", "Dittohead", "Catalyst", "Death's Head" and "Eyes of the Insane" are just a handful of several kickarse songs that've blown one's ears off as a reminder that metal can never die.
1) Josef Mengele was a sick, twisted cunt who ripped the muscles from prisoner's legs and forced them to walk, set fire to victims and did all sorts of other sickening shit.

2) "Auschwitz, the meaning of pain, the way that I want you to die. Slow death, immense decay, showers that cleanse you of your life"... etc, seriously, if you're a Slayer fan and don't know the lyrics to "Angel of Death", you're an anomaly. ;-)
by Alhadis September 27, 2006
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1) Of or relating to the state of writing or behaviour that arouses amusement in others.
2) Strange, odd, or queer in a non-homosexually related fashion.
3) A trait that most contemporary comedy shows don't seem to possess.
1) "Your mother" is a generic response guaranteed to deliver amusement in response to any question, no matter how intellectual or complicated.
2) "Not funny ha-ha, funny queer, mmm-hmm." - Karl Childers, Sling Blade
3) "Futurama" is a comedy show that delivers the goods to the audience. "Everybody loves Raymond" doesn't, and few comedy shows these days are capable of producing quality humour in their audience.
by Alhadis January 18, 2006
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