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1) Neverwinter Nights; Developed by BioWare in 2002 as an implementation for 3rd edition D&D rules, although the focus of game design was clearly upon graphics technology and multiplayer capability. In short, they left out much of the role-playing potential, particularly storyline and in-depth character development.

2) Game by the same title and same developers, although released many years ago in 1987. Was responsible for supplementing many inspirations of online gaming at the time.
Neverwinter Nights
by Alhadis December 12, 2003
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A rather frequent mispelling of the idiom "l337 haxx0r", commonly spelt with a double "x".
"d00d! ph34r 73h lee7ness! w00t!"
by Alhadis February 22, 2004
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Widely (and correctly) considered the Godfather of Heavy Metal. ^^' Friendly, easy goin', hella cool and a great guy to know, nobody plays metal better then Ozzy. ;)

Note that popular belief often attributes Ozzy to being a violent, Church-hating wife-beating alcoholist. Nothing could be further from the truth... Ozzy's a friendly guy who loves and supports his family and fans, and one of the few artists of the heavy metal genre who's modest and easy-goin' enough to not take music too seriously ;) (Example, the "wannabe-Anti Christ" Marilyn Manson XP). Black Sabbath rules!
Ozzy's an awesome guy who kicks the asses of all other artists easy. Forget Metallica, Black Sabbath will forever live on! Yeah! ^_~;
by Alhadis August 21, 2004
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While "Morning Star" can refer to Satan, it's also the name of a type of spiked mace derived from the Medieval period (and vastly used in RPGs and MMORPGs today). A morning star's like a mace, except that maces only have a blunt, crushing head; while morning stars are the variants that have a sharp cluster of metal spikes to add to the smashing power. Many people confuse these to be maces, whereas maces are only ever *blunt*.

Another common understanding of maces is with regards to the "ball-and-chain", where a morning star's spiked head (sometimes left blunt) is swung around on a chain or rope. These are actually called "flails", not maces.
"Nice mace."
"No, this isn't a mace. It's a Morning Star."
by Alhadis March 29, 2005
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1) The act of murmuring, mumbling or otherwise verbalising one's speech at indistinct levels of volume (often when complaining silently, or "speaking under one's breath").
2) The German word for "mother" (see Mutti)
3) An album released by Rammstein in 2001, characterised by the cover's image of an unborn foetus (a depiction that some weak-stomached fans found slightly unnerving). The album is widely regarded as a Rammstein classic, heralding their most spectacular and illustrious works, such as Feuer Frei, Mutter, Mein Hertz Brennt, Speilhur, Sonne, Ich Will, and many others that make the album one of Rammstein's most hailed and incredible works (although most Rammstein fans, including myself, would argue that all of their albums are brilliant; but subjectivity has no place in this description).
1) My boss reprimanded me for arriving to work late, so I walked outta his office muttering profanities under my breath.
2) "Ich leibe meine mutter" (I love my mother, in what's hopefully correctly worded German)
3) "Keine Sonne die mir scheint, keine Brust hat Milch geweint in meiner Kehle steckt ein Schlauch. Hab keinen Nabel auf dem Bauch." ~ Lyrics from Rammstein's album, 'Mutter' (from the song under the same name)
by Alhadis April 25, 2006
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A heavy metal band from Finland, and easily one of the goddamned best to have graced the music world. Combining talent, awesome lyrics and kick-ass music into one mind-blowing whole, nobody can play gothic metal like Nightwish can. They don't posturate their music in an over-the-top, "we're evil goths and we love it" attitude that many other metal bands seem to (*cough* Marilyn Manson *cough*), and the Heavy Metal world just wouldn't be complete without them.
Nightwish... Underrated personifications of Melodic metal. It's difficult to praise 'em too much... they flat out kick ass. What's Metallica doing at the top of the charts, anyway?
by Alhadis November 24, 2004
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1) The slavic way of spelling "America"
2) A song performed by Rammstein in their album "Reise, Reise" (Arise, Arise). While the song appears to be patriotic in the American sense, the deeper message is anything but patriotic; the lyrics clearly parody the sense of American patriotism, but many critics have argued that Rammstein's message in the song was to satirize the widespread adoption of American Culture spread throughout the world (as suggested by the Asian monks eating American fast food in the song's music video). As with many of Rammstein's songs, the message about America isn't entirely clear; but one thing's for certain: It definitely isn't praise for America.
"We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar ('is wonderful')
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika"
~ Possibly an emphasis on how the widespread imitation of American culture has influenced countries all around the world, and therefore "we're all living in America". Another subtle yet powerful message that's a defining characteristic of Rammstein's music; there's always a deeper meaning.
by Alhadis November 14, 2005
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