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The process of Lady Gaga dominating the world.
Gaganization is a three step process:

Lady Gaga presents herself as a seminormal musician with the hit single 'Just Dance'. She befriends major artists such as Akon and Space Cowboy and even features them in the song and music video.

Now with the newly formed base of her fame, Lady Gaga kicks it up a notch as far as weirdness goes. She busts out 'Poker Face', which becomes an even bigger hit then the first. Gaga fans become entranced by odd outfits and bicuriousity.

PHASE III (current phase):
This is the final phase, in which complete Gaganization has taken place. Lady Gaga has now captivated fans of all ages all over the planet, and keeps reeling in people's interest through extremely bizarre outfits and music videos that have no actual meaning.
Dude, did you see that new Lady Gaga music video? I swear, Phase III of Gaganization is legit now.
by Gaga'sMistress May 25, 2010
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