1.To be committed to something.

2.To devote 100% of your support.
Joe: "Are you coming with us to fight James' crew?"

Tim: "It's whatever with me. I'm ten toes down."
by C.Ford March 18, 2007
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On your knees, being in a position for sucking a dick. Can be abbreviated as TTD.
Hey girl I'm down bad, will you be ten toes down for me?
by downbad1337 January 23, 2021
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Ten toes down is something every live streamer what to say or will say because of admire for the god Brandon.
"Ten toes down because I also want to be relevant"
by DonEvnTripyall September 05, 2017
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A universal term with multiple meanings referring to humbleness, success, fame, money, calming down, and others such as moving faster(as in a ten toes on a gas pedal)
•Your so slow, ten toes down!
•Person1: I’m so fuckin cool
Person2: shhh ten toes down

•”I’m so fuckin cool, now that’s ten toes down.
by Vandyman1234 November 04, 2018
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ten toes up ten toes down; is having sex in mission position
The old tried and true.
Ten Toes up Ten Toes down; two big asses going round and round. One big sausage goin in and out. If that ain't FUCKINl throw me out.
by goddered69 September 15, 2009
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