dude, let's GTFO.

Bitch, just go! Just GTFO!!
by Andrew La Brier October 2, 2008
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Acronym for "Get the fuck out." Used to express disbelief or dismay.
You: Man, I was so drunk last night. I think I barfed in my purse.
Your buddy: No, that was your pillow case. And you slept on it anyway.
You: GTFO!! Is that why my hair is so sticky?!
by K Lee from Houston August 21, 2008
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"GTFO of there!"
by HI635Q7Q9263 March 16, 2017
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Polite acronym for "Get the fuck off" or "Get the freak off." Alternative: "Get the fuck out."

Usually used online to tell trolls or ad site linkers to get out of a chat room or off a message board.
Troll: Wanna look at my freeeeeee spyware loaded sex site?
Jojo: No.
Mami: Heck no.
Jose: What? I was talking about polar bears.
Troll: I've got this freeeeeee spyware loaded sex site.... Lots of freeeeeee sexxxx.
Jane: Go away. We're talking about the climate and global warming.
Seung: I'm gonna sign off if he keeps this up.
Jose: Troll, cut it out.
Troll: Look at my freeeeee sexxxx. You no like sexxxx for freeeee?
Jojo: GTFO.
Troll: signs off
by kero frangipani pants February 9, 2009
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"Dude, the girl I met on Tinder yesterday was smoking hot. She came over to my house and we started to make out for what seemed like hours... then I started to unbutton her blouse and soon realized that she didn't shave her armpits and they sure stank. She immediately told me that she was a staunch feminist. Well, needless to say, I told her GTFO!
by 5SpdSolara June 19, 2018
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Get The Fuck On. A newer slang used by gamers in groupchats to expedite fellow gamers getting online.
Hey, gtfo I wanna play some GTA.
by Bigdaddycok123 June 28, 2017
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