A very cute guy that gets a lot of girls and is a bad boy with a big penis.
That guy is a Seung he gets all the girls!
by DaddyxDaddyx November 29, 2018
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A very cute boy and very respectful, and can pull all the females

And tells some people they smell like marinara sauce
That guy is such a Seung
by MythoLogic November 29, 2018
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Hey Seung, could you pass me that? oh, I'm sorry, Steve, could you pass me that?
by ManicHispanic December 1, 2004
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a common sterotypical name for asians. when you see an asian man you would yell out "seung" and the asian man will most likely golka
hey check that seung out in aisle 13
by mikel1234567 May 31, 2007
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korean term for sexy, or sexy guy
Oh my god Becky, look at his butt, it is so seung chan.
by tim yolake November 13, 2006
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Seung Jae is kind, caring, smart, and so much more. He cares a lot for his friends and is always popping out of nowhere to jump scare people. But really, Seung Jae is really sweet.
Seung Jae is great
by Joss x & July 15, 2017
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Meaning "smart window". Also known as a Daniel. A guy who is really quiet, but when he speaks, he speaks cutely. He has amazing wizard powers and will admit to being a hardcore bapper. He will buy you tea if you like it and will sing any lullaby when you ask for it. He writes amazing stories when you ask for them but usually ends up killing himself in the end. His eyes are innocent and when he looks at you, you WILL melt on the inside. He doesn't do aegyo and isn't very feminine. He makes you feel the urge to protect and stand by him forever. You'll also feel the want to make him alot of gifts. He'll accept them even if they're stupid. He will vow to make you happy no matter what and although he doesn't want to, he ends up making you sad anyways. With him, you may try your best to be as perfect as you view him, but you'll just end up hiding every true emotion you feel. He is not afraid to grow up and accomplish his dreams and because of that, you'll see him as a great inspiration. Sadly, if you are ever forced to say good bye to him, be there no matter how sick you become because "Good bye" will probably be the last words you will ever hear from him. You don't want to leave empty-handed, or you'll definitely regret it. Eventually, he wants to become a pediatrician and, as written in the stories, he'll marry a beautiful pharmacist. I hope you live happily ever after, Heeseunggi oppa.
Princess Jessica ran over to Hee Seung and gave him a big hug. She said that shes ready to get married, but to him and only him. He questioned the fact that she was of royal blood and that he was only a commoner. She said that love is blind and kissed him.
by CacaDongseng June 8, 2011
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