I have a nikka gtfo with that shii

by Sy su September 20, 2020
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Short for Girls That Fake Orgasms
That girl doesn't like the sex with his boyfriend, but she still wants to please him. She's a GTFO
by laklek November 24, 2021
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The ultimate rule of survival.
If you can run, drive or fly you can GTFO
Ken: there is about to be huge hurricane in our surrounding area.

you: well lets GTFO!!!!!!
by corrvo21 April 21, 2011
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Alex: look at her with her nasty stanky booty.
John: Man.why are you GTFO on her like that.
by xxThatGirl May 6, 2013
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a nice and polite way to tell people to leave a particular place

g: get
t: the
f: fuck
o: out
"Hey Bill gtfo this is our ghetto"
by o00ooo00o March 16, 2009
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