3 definitions by Andrew La Brier

dude, let's GTFO.

Bitch, just go! Just GTFO!!
by Andrew La Brier October 2, 2008
Adjective; Adverb;
A descriptive word to used to denote something as really cool, fly, hot, awesome; or really horrible, bad, or lame.
Dude, that trick was screwby sick.

Whoa, you lost all that money? Screwby.
by Andrew La Brier August 27, 2008
The unwavering addiction to Facebook, or any other social network that makes you check your page multiple times a day
1. Dude, I just got another message on Facebook!!
Seriously man, I think you have Facebook Fever...

2. Facebook whores have Facebook Fever!
by Andrew La Brier March 4, 2009