(v) to make things quicker; to facilitate.
This is a word that many flight attendants use to make themselves sound as if they have actually graduated from high school. They seem to think it is especially effective if it is combined with other words used only by people who are trying to sound smart.
Sir, if you would please help expedite the boarding process by placing your bag into the overhead compartment and taking your seat.
by Echo24 September 9, 2006
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A truck driven mostly by thugs. Should be rollin on 20s+. One of the best out there and should be limited to a select few.
O snap, u got an Expedition?

Yeah its gangster!
by SnoopDogg February 2, 2003
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Expedit is used to describe a deep thinker, who is nice smart. Expedits are known to make jokes to make other people laugh even when they aren't happy them self. They tend to love/Crush for a long time but when they do it is something special. They usually hid there feelings and fear being rejected an d being wrong.
"I have an Expedit by girls "
by Albert Hall October 8, 2015
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The Expedition is the sexual act of placing two in the front and six in the rear. Normally accomplished by placing the index and middle finger of one hand in the vagina and the pinky finger of the same hand and the entire other hand in the anus of your partner (lube optional). A derivative of the minivan where 2 are in the front and only 5 in the rear.
"Dude, my girlfriend is so loose in the trunk now the Minivan doesn't cut it. Last night I went with The Expedition on her ass."
by of the clan Macleod September 30, 2013
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Jenn's Car filled with Cumstains
We checked to see the if the cumstained car was ours, when someone said "NOOO! THAT'S JENN's Expedition!"
by JeNn'ScUmStAiNeDeXpEdItIoN October 7, 2003
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