An acronym meaning "Great Time For Oral".
To be texted/emailed/instant messaged whenever in need of someone to perform oral sex.
girl- "I got my braces off!"
guy-"what a GTFO!"
by Pokemondude595 February 16, 2010
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Great Tacos Felantaies Online

Spin-off term of Get The Fuck Out used when asked by a teacher what GTFO means.
Chris: GTFO..... NOW!!!!

Teach: Chris what does that mean?

Chris: Great Tacos Felantaies Online
by NateD. March 6, 2008
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(G)et (T)he (F)-word (O)ut.
Dude, GTFO, you're not funny, and you think just because I jack off means I have no life.
by dj_gs68 November 3, 2003
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"Get the fuck off"
commonly understood as "get the fuck out" which was someones misinterpretation along the way.
by thelordoursavior July 22, 2008
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An acronym usually meaning to "GET THE FUCK OUT", but also commonly used for "GET THE FREE ORANGES".

The term is used to let people know they are not wanted and are to leave, or to find oranges.
by Mazsain January 17, 2011
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The bright light comes back to say hello to the boys again. But, Stan's smart enough to GTFO while Henry sits there baby dumb pouting.
by jdogger November 12, 2017
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