Too express extreme disapointment, anger, suprise, rage or disapproval in a situation or thing. This phrase is best used when you feel damnation from God is not enough (God Damn It), and the only appropriate action is for God to 'fuck' the condemned in a manner suiting the prefered connotation of the word 'fuck.' (E.X. To fornicate, to treat in a harsh manner, distort, ect.)
GOD FUCK that stupid whore


Jane lost the Dog? GOD FUCK!
by M. Tackett April 3, 2007
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Word that can be used when pissed off. Equivalent of God dammit, only it makes no grammatical sense at all, and is therefore fun to say.
by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
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A derivative of goddammit that conveys a greater feeling of outrage in the speaker, due to the much heightened blasphemy of asking God to not merely damn the object or situation, but also to have punish fuck sex with it.
A guy walks out of his apartment to discover his car window has been smashed in, and exclaims: "God fuck it!"
by rapscallion9000 August 23, 2008
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Used to depict strong emotion and/or feeling;used to describe something so magnificently huge,as if it could fuck God himself.
1:Your god-fucking ridiculous.
2:Would you look at that god-fucking building!
3:Your a god-fucking ass.
4:I god-fucking love you
by Comrade Christmas May 12, 2007
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Can be used to kick things up a notch anywhere the phrases "God damn/ed" or "God damn it" might normally be used. Note that the "God fuck" equivalent to "god damn/ed" is "God fucking", not "GOd fucked".
God fuck it, I hit my hand with the god fucking hammer!
by Sir Loin du Boeuf July 24, 2003
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I had sex with Evan last night
it was as good as God-Fucking
by Eggohead May 28, 2009
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One who pushes there religious beliefs on others
I'm tired of these Catholic god-fucks around here telling me to go to church.
by Tech Monkey 43 January 22, 2008
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