She beats her husband with her GMC, which is prolly nuclear-powered and has mad top stops and swagelock fittings
by JJ86 February 2, 2008
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He cruised his GMC in in search of a muchacho to play buttdarts with.
by Fart power💥💨 April 11, 2019
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GMC (General Motors Truck Company) is the name of the truck division of GM (General Motors), the two should not be confused for each other. There is a confusing history to the naming of the brand.

GMC was originally named the Grabowsky Motor Company, an independent auto manufacturer. Grabowsky was renamed as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company.

General Motors bought Rapid and turned it into a subsidiary, and also did the same thing with a company called Reliance.

Soon after, GM created a new brand named GMTC (General Motors Truck Company) and folded both Rapid and Reliance into GMTC. GM later renamed GMTC as GMC a few years before WW1, as homage to the original brand acronym by Max and Morris Grabowsky brothers.

GM states that GMC officially stands for the General Motors Truck Company. Although the T is removed from the acronym on paper, in theory the letter still exists.

GMC is typically different from Chevrolet for three reasons. As it is more expensive, works on heavier duty trucks (such as in both world wars), and allows for experimentation of niche vehicles that would not sell well under Chevrolet, like the 2021 EV Hummer.
Friend 1: Yo bro I just bought a Yukon XL
Friend 2: What's that?
Friend 1: It's a GMC SUV!
Friend 2: that's awesome bro!
by Welldavis December 7, 2021
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by Carman Ghia March 5, 2009
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hey olivia, come over here and gmc (whips out dick and she starts sucking)
by cocksucker69696969669 April 21, 2018
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