Chevy is a nickname for a wonderful girl who is absolutely beautiful, a girl who can make you smile in an instant, a girl who helps you threw hard times and stays with you through thick and thin, and an absolutely beautiful amazing girl

Or a nickname for a girl who likes chevy trucks/cars
Dang bro look at chevy over there she’s absolutely amazing
by Skullsmasher718 January 2, 2019
Created by recording artist Johnny Sunkiss. Chevy means, in essence, "heavy". It's synonymous with the classic slang of "cool". Very similar to saying "That's hard" or "That's heavy".
"Damn! Look at those shoes! Those are chevy!"
by EklectEntertainment April 28, 2013
Chevy is usually tiny, and very funny and sweet. Yet aggressive at times sh is a loyal friend and is good at spotting untrustworthy people. She is so pretty and 1 in a Million
Girl: Who's that?
Boy: That's Chevy she's really cool, look at her go
by Applepierandombro October 1, 2019
man i took a shit just the other day and it was chevy.....
by XtacyRu April 15, 2009
1. An abbreviation of Chevrolet, an American car manufacturer owned by General Motors.
"Hank sure has a nice Chevy"
by Tom September 17, 2003
Chevy a Divison of GM (General Motors). Has to be the worst car company. In NASCAR it only rules due to the fact the GM hot shots are friends with the NASCAR big shots. As for General Motors Failure.

Just Remeber this:
C Cheap
H Heavy
E Empty
V Vechiles
Y Yearly
by Kyle Santos July 20, 2005
The most beautiful girl out there. Gorgeous and sweet but also bossy and sassy oh, and can have a attitude knows what she’s doing and serious about it but when it comes to being around people she knows she’s to funny and can’t take things seriously when she doesn’t know a person she’s first sweet then when she knows you bam she’s different. she cares for her school work. If a chevys not in your life......... get help!!!!!
......hi, Chevy
by Chevyy March 1, 2018