Get Back Gang. You take one of ours, we take one of yours
We gbg 4L
by SauciGoCrazy November 13, 2020
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Short for Grey Bandana Gang (gbg) a gang in north london
Person1:wag1 wat you sayin?
Person2:nuttin man... Ave u seen the new Hood Video for GBG?
Person1: yeh man, grey bandana gang init?
Person2: yeah
by Takktiiksz July 13, 2010
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Stands for Generic Baylor Girl. Referring to roughly 95% of Baylor University's female population, this demographic is characterized by the aforementioned's affinity for God and Lordy Jesus, prudent behavior, unwillingness to try anything exciting or new, and a general quest for the "ring by spring", which is to say, a marriage partner before the conclusion of college. Highly malleable by those claiming to be stout Christians, these girls like to gather for Life Group meetings at least once a month when their menstrual cycles coincide and spew Biblical verses at each other in a vain attempt to offset their frustration at life and lack of sex. Any male interaction with these "true GBGs" often end up in abject failure and a dire need to go back to your computer and your left hand.

There are many pseudo-GBGs amongst this population as well, and these are characterized by church going girls that give head on saturday and profess their love to the man in the sky on Sunday. They are little more than slightly more classy sluts; most sorority girls fall into this category.
Guy A: (seeing a hot girl) dude do you think that girl would be DTF tonight?

Guy B: nah man, she's a GBG, she's the section leader of our life group and the only man she'll ever have sex with is the chaplain

Guy A: Fuck
by BaylorLovesLordyJesus February 5, 2013
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Short word for the Swedish city Gothenburg (Göteborg), the second biggest city in Swe. Almost only used in writing language.
Lisa: what's up for the weekend?
Carl: I'm off to Gbg...
by Tette June 2, 2005
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Acronym for a real gang of queers in prison on the PC yard. Gay Boy Gangsters.
Those GBG's think they're hard on that PC yard.
by CDC Convict November 19, 2010
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An acronym for Glock Baby Gang, a squad of savage shooters
by Ofb Hothead GBG April 8, 2019
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"Ghetto Baby Gurl" A white girl that dresses like a ghetto girl. Including gold hoop earrings with their name in cursive on them and matching chain. They wear tight graffiti jeans and wear matching high top nike sneakers. Often wear their hair in a beesnest some have weaves and corn rowes. These girls also wear short shorts to gym class and may have several illegitimate children.
That bitch was a hardcore GBG!
by gbglova September 23, 2009
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