a socialmedia username with 4 letters.
4L's get sold for crypto's and are very popular for teenagers trying to make money of it.
I'm selling @rokf for 45$, come cop this 4L
by Jemdr4 November 22, 2021
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Meaning "for life" typically a terminology used in video games.
"I'm set4l" Or, "Horde4l
by evilndvs November 6, 2010
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Synonym: Big 4 Life
Acronym: If It’s Not About The Benjamins, Waste Your Life To Die
Ex: “ Ya’ll Niggas Know What The Fuck Goin’ On
BIG 4L, Big Steppers, Big Footprint, Pussy” ~21 Savage
by TheExtremeGod0120 February 21, 2021
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A saying said by a small community of a couple thousand of people meaning (H0ldenlol Gang for life). A small community/cult following of people who are super nice and are dedicated to supporting h0ldenlol. (Popularized by Holden Hernandez aka h0ldenlol)
Man I love this community and how nice it is, HLG 4L.
by StephGgurl April 10, 2023
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