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Chery is always going to be your best friend and she will be like the person who always wants to hug you no matter girl or boy just give her a hug! She will love you more than you will ever know and she will appreciate everything you do.Shes a keeper with curves boy!! She will always want to go out everyday no matter what and if she is quiet it’s because she needs to open up. She likes to make friends but she can’t unless people talk to her and let her know she is wanted because otherwise she always thinks they don’t like her:(. She will make you laugh on your saddest day and she will cry with you whenever you need her. She will always be there for you even if she doesn’t agree with you and she will ascot so crazy but don’t worry she’s always like that! The best thing about her is she doesn’t care that people don’t like her, she doesn’t get mad about things, she just tried to have a positive life throughout everything.GO OUTBTGERE AND TALK TO CHERY! I’m telling you you won’t regret it
Hey!chery why are you dancing like that 😂?
Oh my god what is happening ?
Wanna go out to the movies ?
I’m so glad I have you!
You know you’re my favorite friend right?!
i love you!
by I’m so savage February 23, 2018
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A very beautiful and kind person. She is so attractive that every single boy instantly falls in love with her. Everyone also loves her because she is so kind and giving. Everyone NEEDS A CHERY!
Boy: Who is that stunning girl over there?
Chery's best friend: That is Chery, good luck trying to get her! She has too many boys following her already.
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by Olivia Mcrajery May 06, 2018
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