Swe is the founder of everything, and is everything. People who break away from mighty swe are called ews. Swe believes that ews are better off dead, and lots of people agree.
Person 1: "Are you an ews?"
Person 2: "Fuck no, swe is bae."
by therealswe August 22, 2020
How life going g

Shits been swe
by Oglue December 7, 2018
A term used for a person who can't get an erection, even when with a really hot chick. A Swe will also hold a grudge against even his closest friends if they ever call him out on this problem. Im many cases a closest homosexual
Mark: "hey you see that smoken babe over there?"
Steve: "ya how embarassing would it Swe with her?"
Mark: "god that would suck, i would kill myself if that happened"

Tim: "hey did you hear that Brian got with Taylor?"
Erik: "ya but he Swe'd"
Tim: "oh poor guy, we should send a fruit basket"
by Side Sho December 13, 2006
Society of Women Engineers
I'm a women in engineering and I'm awesome so I'm in SWE
by SWEgirl April 25, 2010
A: life sucks dont it?
B: yeah, what can you do about it tho?
by Logan June 1, 2005
when a retarded swedish kid tries to identify another swedish kid
random guy1: SWE?!!
random guy2: Ja
by stagecoach October 8, 2007
Abreviation of Sweden or Swedish, Also means Retarded.Its mostly used in online games such as Tibia
Ramdom Retard: SWE!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?
Ramdom Retard: SWE!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?
Normal Player: Get out of my way you fucking noob.
Ramdom Retard: SWE!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?
Ramdom Retard: Gimee fre itans
Normal Player: I SAID LEAVE
Ramdom Retard: fre itans pls
Normal Player Kills Ramdom Retard
by Kohl August 28, 2005