North london is and area of london known for organised crime, wealth and production of footballers. It includes Camden (hipster central) Enfield (hustle centre and gangland) and Barnet ( wet yutes)
yo fuck the 9 them pussios from north london, but bmt i wouldnt fuck with AP and GMG
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Part of London where it's just crime and stabbing people
Guy1: ey where ye goin?
Guy2: North London

Guy1: ehh good luck on not gettin stabbed
by Sebastian294 March 20, 2021
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The place to not go if ur an American and don’t wanna get shanked
“Oh ur going to north London?”
“Good fucking luck
by Beautiful Homie October 31, 2020
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A new name for the same shitty old school Woodside Park International School Its shit and sucks asian ass crack dont go there... If you do the teachers will rape you. THIS IS NOT A JOKE
Hey do you want to go to the North London International School NO NO NO NO
Thats a good answer and slap the person that asked
by Powerhouse616 September 6, 2008
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