If you support the blue bulls rugby team, like beer, hatfield square, eat boerewors and paint your children blue for the rugby
oh my god ,shame those poor chilred are painted blue and smell like boerewors, they must be from Pretoria.
by poppie tart December 2, 2009
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1. Means: "Totally Cool", "Awesome", "A~M~A~Z~I~N~G".
2. Is Also The Captial Of South Africa.
3. Also Could Mean ABSOULTLY kAr-AzzY~!
4. A Name...
1. She's So Totally "Pretoria"
1. OMFG It's Pretoria
2. I Say It Like It Is.
3. Yeaaaaaaaaah(:
4. Wtf Is Pretoria Doing Now
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The best school in the world, the school on the hill, a way of life
Shannon: You go to Pretoria Boys High School?
Boys High Boy: Yeah
Shannon: *Getting on her knees*
by The hater of Christiaanjvv September 13, 2019
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