Translates to "what's going on?" from wagwaan or wagwan. Means "what's up?" "what's happening in your life?" or even just "hi, how are you?". Used as an internet slang greeting.
guy1: wag1
guy2: safe
by Sarah Potter May 2, 2007
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Means hello, anything new in your life? Identical to wagwaan and wagwan, but is spelt wag1 on chat websites, because it is quicker to type.
Wag1, meh bedrins?
by Krackpipe December 15, 2003
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'wah gwan' means 'whats going on', taken from the carribean accent 'patois' and daily used as UK slang talk for hello, spelt as 'Wag1' on chat sites and MSN as it takes less time to type
(i)person 1: wag1
person 2: nothing much

(ii)person 1: im mad
person 2: why wah gwan?

use it in any other way and your using it wrong!
by Koozee April 30, 2008
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It is what people who think they are hard say to each other cuz they cant be bothered to say hello or whats up
Wag1 fam
by Ben dover hi March 16, 2020
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its peak
jan: is it morelife??
enzo: ayo wag1 for safe tho
by ManlykEnzinio May 4, 2021
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