A really intense/sharp jawline. Called a GAW because of the sharp edge of the “G”. -Shawni
Damon from vampire diaries has the best GAW evaaa
by Jekwjdbw January 4, 2019
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Betty: Girl you need to stop being a jumpoff
jane: Im a GAW i can do what ever i want
by Nate W January 13, 2008
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They need a little TLC and a GAW!!
by iggy94 January 12, 2009
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gaw gaw gaw gaw is the noise female porn stars make when they are performing fellatio on a male porn actor.
Man did you see ol gurl on that flick gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw on that dude's massive meat pole?
by Deez Nutticles February 11, 2010
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Gaw Gaw is originated from the Iraqi dialect (Mostly baghdadi's use it). Which means gawd, Gawad or Gawd means pimp in Arabic.
For example

Don't go to this guy he is a gaw gaw.
by IraqiBaathi March 25, 2022
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Gym Attention Whore Exposer OR Gym Attention Wannabe Exposer refers to the group of people (mostly females) who solely buy a gym membership in order to record themselves working out with the hopes of catching someone even glancing at them for one tenth of a second so that they can potentially "Expose" those guys and get more online rep on social media.

Gawe is pronounced as gow, rhymes with cow.
Dwayne : Bro don't look behind at all
Bryan : Why, what's up?
Dwayne : There's a gawe behind us recording with her camera on, she later uploads them to her tiktok to gain clout, attention and sympathy online.
Bryan : Damn, thanks for the warning G fuck these gawes, I'm heading back to my house, I'd rather be with my spouse than be nearby these gawes.
Dwayne : Damn, Bars bro... you spittin!
by clouter-strike March 6, 2023
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Thomas: "Did you see Pat's new plaid sports coat?"
Richard: "OMG, it makes my eyes cross."
Harrison: "Yes, it is gawful."
by Danfield January 15, 2007
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