The best show in the history of time about vampires. Puts Twilight to shame.
Me: "Omigosh, why don't you watch Vampire Diaries?"
Mom: "I don't like it."
Me: *shoots mom in the leg, drags her to the couch, makes her watch 89 episodes on Netflix*
by Kat T. March 25, 2014
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A show on the CW that is based on L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries novels. The show centers around Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and her discovery that vampires exist in her hometown of Mystic Falls. Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are swept up in a dangerous romance as secrets are uncovered and enemies are revealed. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is Stefan's reckless and manipulative brother who has a soft side for Elena. The brothers are rivals in love and fought over their maker Katherine. Season 2 marks Katherine's return to Mystic Falls. Havoc will be wreaked and games will be played.
What is the best fall show on television?
The Vampire Diaries!!!
by TVDFAN4EVA September 10, 2010
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The best fucking show ever!!!!

When someone says the don't like the vampire diaries that mean I'mma bout to beat the shit out of that mother fucker you ass hate so bitch better hold my mother fuckin hoops cuz I'mma beat a bitches ass.
by Adelle diaz December 23, 2018
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A series of books that came out in the early 90's. It focuses on a popular, pretty blonde girl named Elena Gilbert who is after the new and mysterious boy at school from Italy, Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan, we soon discover, is a vampire who avoids Elena because she has an uncanny resemblance to a girl that he and his (sexy, badass) brother, Damon Salvatore, both fell in love with (Katherine Von Swartzschild) centuries ago. Both brothers murdered one another after Katherine killed herself and separated once they awoke in their vampiric state confused. Cut to the present and strange things begin to happen once Stefan arrives into town.

The Vampire Diaries series consists of:

The Awakening

The Struggle
The Fury
Dark Reunion
The Return: Nightfall
The Return: Shadow Souls (Release: 2/9/10)
The Return: Midnight (Release: 2010)

The CW has announced that they will be making a show based on the books. It will premiere on Sept. 10th, 2009 (which will change the look of the characters, history of the characters, eliminate/add characters, etc) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
I will choose The Vampire Diaries over Twilight because it has a better plot, more supernatural beings, characters with personalitites, and because it's main character is the furthest thing from a Mary Sue.
by manipulativefemmefatale August 20, 2009
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{Vampire diaries} is the best show ever it’s how these people turn in to {vampires} and shows you how they live and what they do some are mean but some are nice and how two people fall in love
{me} You should vampire diaries it’s the best

{friend} I already did I watched them all
{me} no way
by Hevecevhdb March 18, 2019
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