Thomas: "Did you see Pat's new plaid sports coat?"
Richard: "OMG, it makes my eyes cross."
Harrison: "Yes, it is gawful."
by Danfield January 15, 2007
gaw gaw gaw gaw is the noise female porn stars make when they are performing fellatio on a male porn actor.
Man did you see ol gurl on that flick gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw on that dude's massive meat pole?
by Deez Nutticles February 11, 2010
Gaw Gaw is originated from the Iraqi dialect (Mostly baghdadi's use it). Which means gawd, Gawad or Gawd means pimp in Arabic.
For example

Don't go to this guy he is a gaw gaw.
by IraqiBaathi March 25, 2022
A really intense/sharp jawline. Called a GAW because of the sharp edge of the “G”. -Shawni
Damon from vampire diaries has the best GAW evaaa
by Jekwjdbw January 4, 2019
SWAG backwards. Meaning "Get Another Word Son" For people who over use the word swag.
Person A: I got my swag on full blast!!!
Person B: No....GAWS!
by Flow Free September 6, 2011
A word used to express craziness or anger.
Bill: *Stops on Rob's foot*
Rob: GAW, What the hell!?
by Hunter6 September 1, 2005
Much like the phoenix being reborn from its own ashes, gaws is the rebirth of swag. Gaws has the same meaning as swag but must be used in a more exclusive way than that over used and over generalized word. Often used as a response of approval or as a comment to a statement. Can also be used in the form of reggaws, the former swagger.
"The third floor of our dorm has no gaws, they are still using the word swag in every sentence."

"I hooked up with that model last night"

"He gets every girl he wants! The man has too much reggaws."
by GAWS crew December 7, 2011