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1. Used by parents to discipline insolent children, performed by hitting the child's buttocks or other areas of the body forcefully several times. Usually performed with a hand or other object such as a belt, spatula, or nine-iron golf club.

2. General saying for a physical assault, with the prospect of the assaulter ending the altercation favorably.
1. That little kid was misbehaving so badly at Wal-Mart, that his fat ass momma gave him a good ol' fashioned ass whooping.

2. The bartender couldn't take anymore of that drunk ass douchebag's shit-talking, so he took him outside and gave him an ass whooping.
by JimmyBaby March 02, 2006
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(1)Daddy gave you an asswhooping for burning his toast.
(2)"You're gettin' an asswhooping when I get over there."
by BarcodeFetus July 07, 2003
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