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GAMP (gynandromorphophilia) is a scientific term denoting attraction to GAMs (gynandromorphs). That is to say, GAMPs are men or women who feel sexually aroused by feminized men (who are themselves most often trans-identified males who've undergone some form of medical gender transition).
GAMPs presents a challenge to conventional understandings of sexual orientation.
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by jadepraerie July 07, 2018
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Gamp is an old-fashioned English word for an umbrella which derives from a Charles Dickens character called Mrs Gamp who used to carry an umbrella around (possibly in Martin Chuzzlewit).

Not in use today, but references can be found to it in at least 2 George Formby songs "you're everything to me" and "under that blasted oak tree".
"and although the weather's damp, i can do without my gamp"
by StymieSi June 04, 2006
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An acronym that stands for Gay Asian Midget Porn
The network is realy slow, the guy in the next office must be downloading gamp again.
by Rox February 08, 2004
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An amputee or otherwise physically challenged prostitute. A combination of the words "gimp" and "tramp".
Hellen Keller's ex boyfriend said she was a total gamp.
by gamplovr69 July 12, 2009
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A very stupid and/or retarded person.
Girl 1: If I take that dress from Primark, will it be illegal?
Girl 2: Yeah, you gamp.
Girl 1: Gamp?
Girl 2: Yeah it means stupid, retarded, get it now you gamp?
by G'b June 26, 2009
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