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an undesirable member of society who sports Leeds Utd and England football tattoo's, has a shaved head, wears dirty clothes, swears every other word, drinks Stella, does nazi salutes without really understanding what they mean and has a total inferiority complex.

found dwelling in and around Elland Road most Saturdays, probably lives in a scuzzy squat in Castleford, Armley or if they're really posh, Pudsey.
"god Sarah, you were right. I went to that real ale festival at the town hall and some local scuzzer stole my IPod."
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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Gamp is an old-fashioned English word for an umbrella which derives from a Charles Dickens character called Mrs Gamp who used to carry an umbrella around (possibly in Martin Chuzzlewit).

Not in use today, but references can be found to it in at least 2 George Formby songs "you're everything to me" and "under that blasted oak tree".
"and although the weather's damp, i can do without my gamp"
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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an alternative to a pub crawl but with the same overall intention - going out with friends and drinking - only this time using a dice.

assign different pubs a number on the dice (take two dice if u want), take it turns to roll, and go to the corresponding pub, drinking a pint and moving on.

the purpose is that it stops you getting stuck in a rut with your nights out, and can improve conversation as well as meeting people and the potential for interesting occurances.
"now then lads, who's up for a dice night tonight? I'll bring the dice, meet you in Ye Olde Starre Inne at 7pm."
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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quite simply, this is pigeon shit.

cleverly combining 'to fly' (what pigeons do) with shite(also what pigeons do).

This originated in Northern England approx 1996 when pigeon faeces found their way into the water supply of a popular school, causing health and safety issues to be raised.
"ewww, you just drank a glass of that water - look at the bits in it, man, it's full of flite!"
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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a dead body found in unexpected circumstances.

derives from English scouse-soap, Brookside (now defunct) when Trevor Jordache was found buried under the patio - a truly classic TV moment.
"i was just walking the dog in the woods when i stumbled upon a large heap of clothing. When i looked more closely, to my horror i realised it was a Jordache."
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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after a bad experience, to be left feeling like a total injustice has been done.
"we absolutely murdered Sheff Utd for the last 20 mins and then they go and score in the 5th minute of injury time ... i felt absolutely scandalised."
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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a catch-all phrase for an English football manager who makes a comment in the media that makes themselves look like a bit of a fool.

it derives from a humourous incident when he received a prank phonecall whilst Rotherham manager claiming to be from the Ipswich chairman offering him the job. Ronni phoned 'Five Live' to tell them he was delighted - but the real Ipswich chairman confessed they had no intention of appointing the over-excitable scouser.
"did you hear Russell Slade's outburst on Radio Humberside last night? Absolutely hilairious. He totally Ronni Moore'd it!"
by StymieSi June 4, 2006
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