Something you can't afford.
A: Bro look at my new gaming pc!!!!
B: You lucky niBBa!
by SEMBODY March 13, 2019
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a pc built with certain parts that runs video games
OH M8 MY GAMING PC IS TOO MLG I GET 74836778577387873847765 FPS AT 345673578923567673258756389326589235762389457639563659786235789235K
by xXXMORGANMLGMANXXx October 29, 2015
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A gaming PC is a computer specifically used to play video games on. Its secondary function is a pussy repellent as most women will flee at the mere sight of your RGB keyboard and your GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, and that's all before they've seen your built in water-cooling, RGB Case! The sad fact is, the 3000 Dollar gaming PC you bought can still do the same as a PS5, especially if you only bought it to play Minecraft and COD.
'Let me take you back to my place, and show you my gaming pc' 'He had a stupid light up gaming pc, so i left the minute i got a chance' 'I made 200 Grand at a Fortnite tournament, all thanks to my gay-ming pc'
by R.O.B Fanboy69 November 26, 2020
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PC gaming is a form of gaming superior to console games in graphics, performance, and control. Often called 'Dead' by console fanboys, PC gaming is growing back into the mainstream, due to casual hits such as World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. Expensive, and needs to be upgraded slightly every year or two, all games are made on PCs, and true gaming is done on one.
Such a shame that you waste your time on an Xbox, why don't you do PC Gaming?
by Bryan Joes May 11, 2006
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The superior gaming platform, you get cheaper games, mods, better graphics, free online, ton of indie games, keyboard + mouse, all that good stuff.
Console Fanboy: PC GAMING IS BAD, BAD BAD BAD! I love paying Microsoft to browse the web on my TV, I love all my restrictions!

PC Gamer: Fine, enjoy your console, or should I say dildo?
by SaviorZealot December 27, 2012
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the superior device for gaming, for many reasons, such as:
1: it's cheaper to buy a PC than to buy a console, especially with rising console prices and dropping PC prices
2: you can play old games on better software and hardware on a computer
3: you can play old and new games on the same system
4: you can download mods to add to the game
5: if you don't like a game, just delete it, which saves resources and gives you data
6: steam lets you buy games over the internet, which is cheaper and doesn't use resources on packaging and game discs
7: you can program mods for it on your computer
8: there are free computer games to play
9: it is encouraging copycat consoles adding the internet and stuff to try to copy PC, so that's stuff that's better that it wants
10: thanks to steam, you don't have to drive or walk to the game store or anywhere to get games, you just need to buy them on your computer
also, if you write a negative definition, you're arguing against a PC on a PC. so get over it, console gamers. you offered no points. You may argue over screen size. there's massive smartTVs that act as monitors for a reason, and with consoles, you can't really have multiple monitors. also, you can play console exclusives on a PC with an emulator, and PC/console non-exclusive games, as well as PC exclusives, but you can't play PC exclusives on a console.
i used to play video games on a playstation 2, but i switched to pc gaming when i got a low-end laptop, which had better performance/price ratio than any console, while also doing more. good luck running chrome and Linux on a console, bitch.
11: You can do more on a PC than on a console
12: If you want to play console exclusives, just download an emulator and plug in a controller.
13: there are plenty of entertaining flash games you can play for free on a console on any browser, as opposed to the simple internet explorer browser added by xbox to their console
14: way more options with a keyboard and mouse in terms of controls, as well as text chat
15: you can build your own and play on it. if you build your own console, it won't be able to play console games for other consoles, but whether dell, HP, lenovo, or any computer, even custom-built ones, you're still able to play all of the games on your computer
16: You can have a lot more hardware peripherals on it, such as the ocolus rift, computer controllers, joysticks, and webcams. The kinect can be added to the computer and used with an emulator.
17: You can play the same games with the same features and specs on the portable (laptop) and the home (desktop tower) device
18: Even WITH physical media, such as CD-ROMs, PC games are still cheaper b/c no license costs
19: you can privately chat on any game with friends over skype
20: generally more mature player base
by Not Aaron Krause November 29, 2013
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