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A console fanboy is a person who consistently claims that one video game console is better than the others, and insults anyone who plays one of the consoles he/she hates.

Ironically, anyone who calls someone else a fanboy is usually a fanboy themselves. An overwhelmingly common behavior in console fanboys is to call someone else a fanboy, and display fanboy behavior immediatly after (see example).

Unfortunatly, the term gets thrown around so much that few treat the word correctly now. Someone who says he prefers one console over another is immediatly called a fanboy. The most commonly forgotten fact is that fanoys are people who mindlessly trash another console and the people who play them for no reason, NOT people who are just expressing an opinion. Few actually take the time to tell the difference.
Example of the "Calling someone a fanboy and behaving like one right after" behavior:

Sane poster: PS3 and Wii are fun, but Xbox is my favorite.

Console fanboy: OMG us such a 360 fanboy!!! 360 fanboy alert! PS3 is better than both consoles, better graphics, better sound, better online, the other consoles are so shitty, it's unbelivable! PS3 is the ONLY good console, i say SWAT teams should execute anyone who plays anything else! God, stop being such a 360 fanboy!!!
by danthaman15 June 16, 2009
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One who defines consoles on Urban Dictionary.
Nintendo Fanboy: Wiiiiii I want to play with my wiiiiiiiii!!!!

XBox Fanboy: Halo is the ONLY game that matters all other games suck. Games with shitty graphics suck.

Playstaion Fanboy: The PS3 will be the most advanced console to date. All other consoles will suck.

Me: Shut the fuck up console fanboy's.
by DvdBengals December 06, 2006
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A) Someone who likes a certain console and hates fans of other consoles

B) A console player who dislike the PC for some reason and likes to exaggerate both the price of a PC, and the technology of their consoles
Example a)
PS3 fanboy:"Xbox sucks because <insert reason here>"

Xbox fanboy:"PS3 sucks because <insert yet another reason here>

Example b)
Console troll:"PC SUX BCUZ <insert most unbelievable reason here>"

PC gamer: "You ought to switch to PC, the consoles are outdated and with, BF3 coming out, you'll miss the full game DICE has to offer"

Slightly Sane, yet ignorant console fanboy:"Nah, I'd lay on a couch and play a game with my super console with better graphics than on a $10,000 PC that gets viruses."

PC gamer "$10,000? We're talking about a PC here! Not a car! And better graphics? Fail!"
by Archer 250 November 15, 2011
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A fanboy who plays only console video games. The only PC games they'll touch are free (and often terrible) ones, such as Gunbound, Runescape, or Kings of Chaos/Outwar.

The console fanboy is bitter towards anyone who prefers PC gaming, as their chugging, ten year old 486 running Windows 95 with a dialup connection is so completely obsolete that they can barely load their internet browser, let alone play a game.

Tries to back up their crippling lack of technology by denouncing the keyboard/mouse setup as "too hard to use" or lamenting that online PC gaming lacks some kind of close social aspect that only being in the same room can apparently provide (never mind the presence of voice chat or the LAN party).

The console fanboy can often be made to see the error of their ways as long as a slight amount of force is used.
"My computer can't run Doom 3 but I don't really care because I never liked PC games. But anyways, wait 'til you hear what I did on Gunbound yesterday!"
"I'm telling you, wireless mice simply don't stack up against a camera stick."
"No, you... You just don't understand the kind of feeling you get when you and your friends all have to sit in the same room in order to play Smash Bros. It's not the same experience, I swear!"
by RealGTX June 09, 2005
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someone who prefers one make of console over all other and slanders the rest
"dude like the playstation is like TOTALLY the BEST console, nintendo and microsoft suck"
*stabs fanboy*
by Grim d February 14, 2005
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1. A Person who loves a particular game console soo much he will argue extensively the dominance of the particular game console with out the correct information. Generally a pale faced young teenage boy who is frustrated over the fact that his friend has a better console than himself.

2. A person who preferes game consoles over PC's. Again usually a pale faced frustrated young teenage boy who cant afford a decent PC.
Steve - "Your such a console fanboy"
Mark - "Shut up! PS2's are soo much better than XBOX's"
Steve - "XBOX's have better graphics, smoother gameplay, two extra controller ports (sorry Chris you cant play), hard drive that will take a hell of a long time to fill and superb online capabilities"
Mark - "erm.. well PS2's have a button that turns on its side when you stand it up"
by St Hubbins March 03, 2006
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