An individual who plays video games on his or her Personal Computer.

Not to be wholly interchanged with members of the "PC Master Race" in an all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares kind of manner.
I envision a day when Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, handheld, and PC gamers will come together in realization that all are equal and establish a non discriminate brotherhood of what we enjoy - gaming.
by Zlatan Ibrahimović November 24, 2015
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A magazine that talks about games
PC Gamer hates Mad Dog McCree. Also Extreme Paintbrawl. I agree with them.
by TIlover March 7, 2005
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1. A British magazine that gives information, release dates, and reviews about video games

2. A person who plays video games on a computer. Prefers PCs to Xbox/Playstation for reasons like stable controls, RTS games, and more control keys.
PC gamers aren't necessarily noobs. They just prefer a highly flexible, stable platform for gaming.
by Colder November 12, 2011
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Someone who plays games on a pc. They usually get hated on by console gamers for being snarky and rude, but only some are like that. Really the console gamers are being just as bad for hating on pc gamers in my opinion. Stop hating on pc gamers. Console is just as good as pc. Pc is just as good as console.
I'm a pc gamer, personally I prefer console

Console Gamer: Fuck you pc gamer
by GalaxyTheCat December 14, 2020
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An elitist douche who thinks most console gamers dont own a gaming PC, which is not exactly that expensive as they claim it to be. You can find them harrasing developers and other gamers on social media moaning about why this or that game is not available on PC.
On a Rockstar Games Facebook Page:

Gamer: GTA V is awesome! Thanks Rockstar for the free DLC's.

PC Gamer: hey Rockstar when will it be available on PC? ..PC master race!

Rockstar: GTA V will require windows 9.1, DRM, and no Mod Support, and 100 GB RAM only to start the Game.
by ackibanez November 28, 2014
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Probably the most annoying breed of gamers who think they're above everybody else just because they have a more powerful gaming system.
One can usually find them on youtube in the comment sections of cross-platform game video's, bashing consoles because they have nothing better to do.
PC Gamer: "OMG, Battlefield 3 is gonna be SOOO much better on PC than on shitty PS3! Even the worst n00b on PC could pwn the shit out of the best PS3 player!"

PS3 Gamer: "Yeah, well, i'd rather just lean back on the couch, relaxing while playing a match of BF3 rather than spend over 9000 bucks to have slightly better performace and trying to be the best there's ever been.
Take it easy dude!"
by Bitter asshole October 18, 2011
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Informed and eager gaming hobbyist who has logically found and uses the best gaming platform, PC. The interesting and dissapointing aspect of PC Gamers is how maliciously, ruthlessly, and ridiculously hated they are by other gamers. Stereotypes like PC gamers=fat lifeless, basement dwelling, virgin nerds are almost accepted fact by console gamers desperately upset over PC superiority. Statement of fact supporting PC Gaming is often met with racist, hateful, ignorant, and even threatening responses. The worst part is that these console gamers prefer their platform mainly because of misconception and ignorance. For instance:

Consolers don't play PC because:

-costs thousands
-don't like to sit close up on a desk
-tiny displays/monitors
-games only look "slightly" better
-PC Gaming is too difficult to learn from a technical standpoint


-A GREAT PC only costs $800-900, MAYBE $1,000, and a more than adequate one can be as cheap as $600
-You can hook up gamepads and large HDTVS to your PC in the living room, its called a "home theater gaming PC" if you want to play on a couch
-Games can run at more than twice the resolution, contain more content, be cheaper, have free mods (user-made DLC) content, run at much better framerates, and have larger multiplayer matches with free multiplayer service.
-maintaining a non-custom gaming PC is NO MORE DIFFICULT than upkeeping the non-gaming computer you are using to view this site.
12 year old console fanatic: "OMG Uncharted is the best looking game EVAR, and COD MW3 is the most advanced multiplayer game EVAR!!"
PC Gamer:" you have obviously never played Crysis 1 on max PC Graphics, or BF3, or ARMA 2"
12 year old console fanatic: "GTFO lifeless PC fag fuck you and your mother die of AIDS!!"

PC Gamer:"Fuck you I play PC, and I'm a PC Gamer, screw you if you are gonna be a child about it!"
by =TaT=FrankDaTank1218 November 27, 2011
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