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The act of reaching underneath another's armpits and interlocking one's hands behind the victims is said that the name was given because Nelson Mandela himself gave many young juvenile delinquints Full Nelsons during his Boot Camp.
Nelson Mandela: "It's a full nelson...bitch is a pun"
by mono90 August 15, 2005
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Half Nelson= A normal bowel movement with limited impact to associated porcelain and surrounding stalls.

Full Nelson= A bowel movement in the like of the Mt St. Helens eruption. Usually impacts the entire restroom facility, including stall walls, porcelain, seat and sometimes the floor.

Affectionately named after a construction worker named Nelson.
Brian: Don't go into stall #2, I just had a Full Nelson. Those protein shakes are killing me.

John: Really I only had a Half Nelson this morning...
by GrandpaWillie February 17, 2010
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gettin head while in a gay wrestlin position the new and improved 69
Kurt "the fag" Angle gave the Undertaker a full nelson while looking at Gary Coleman gay porn
by oterrio brown April 10, 2003
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