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Something you can say if you can not swear and you are mad
by Fuken June 18, 2018
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A Fuken, pronounced Fyoo-ken, not Fucken, is a person who never drops anything and refuses to let go a stupid little fight that happened a while ago. Someone who is a Fuken seeks attention and cannot function without it. They will ask their friends' irrelevant questions to back up their points. Not only are they attention whores, but they also seem to think that everyone likes them and their opinions no matter how stupid. Basically, you can't win with these guys because they never shut up. It's best to ignore them.
Look at Shawn, what a fucking Fuken.
The definition of fukens is a group of people that do stupid things for attention.
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by Motherfuckernextdoor September 19, 2018
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