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A gathering of sluts....who services everyone preference to gender
Hey Feaky F....there is a slutfest over on 5th Street...check it out..
by sweetzsug January 18, 2005
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1. A party with lots of easy girls.
2. Can be used to describe a time of promiscuity.
3. Job fairs.
1. Yo man, I just came from the biggest slut fest ever! There must have been 30 sorority chicks just givng it up to whomever wanted it!!
2. When I look back at my college days, it just seems like a giant slut fest.
3. I hate going to job fairs. Everyone there is trying to pimp themselves out like some nasty slut fest.
by The Royster April 19, 2007
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someone who gives out sex (full and oral) so easily that it is hard to find someone who they haven't pleasered
Abi Titmus , Jodie Marsh etc.
by nun December 12, 2004
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when a girl always talks about how she wants to get naughty with a guy, but then makes bullshit ass excuses of why she cant. is can also refer to when a girl says she wants to go on a date and never andswers your phone calls to talk aobut the details. 2 girls are dookie, and TK. dont go to clifton, there are many slutfests there.
man that girl is a slutfest, she sid she would suck my balls but said she cant because she cant walk out of her house.
by captain insano345334 October 18, 2006
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