Yo, that dude totally gricked his.

college degree. I wonder when he'll finish?
by ramblingamlinhelluvaengineer August 25, 2019
when someone is angry to the point of violence, but for no apparent reason. A combonation of the words "Grumpy" and the name of a very hairy football player. No one wants to chill with you when you're grickin

I Grick
You Grick
He/She Gricks
They Grick
You Grick
Dude you're grickin

Jeff's Grickin

Nick's Grickin

We alllllllllll Grickin
by Gricker July 14, 2009
Verb, "To Grick,"
To be generally grumpy or unhappy, regardless of the circumstances.
Derivitave of "Grumpy" and "Nick"
Nick: I hate my life
Taylor: Man, stop grickin
by PD99 December 1, 2008
"Keith you f*cking chink"
"F*ck you you stupid grick"
by Ellinas August 29, 2003
The essence of snurch, (snail church) can be used as an adjective, verb, noun, or basically whatever other kind of word you can think of, but is most commonly used as a phrase, noun, or verb. It’s customary to say grick at 12am PST, as one of snurches rituals. Grick has many uses, and can be used in negative or positive tones, depending on what you imply.
“It’s 12 o’ clock time to grick

“I’m going to grick you”
“Gricks you affectionately”
by Kirishima! March 1, 2021
The word gricked comes from the action of lifting ones victim up by their neck against their will.
You're gonna get gricked!
by doge doge December 24, 2021