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Expressive phrase used when one four-letter swear word just isn't enough. Used most commonly in the given order, but may else be used as shit fuck damn.
"I just totaled my new car! Fuck shit damn!"
by Nigga Chris March 24, 2009
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This is an expression used commonly in eastern Kansas, esp. at Wellsville High School, when implying much dismay or pain.

Consists of the words fuck, shit, and damn.
Fuckshitdamn! I just broke my flaggin' toe!

I've been shot! Fuckshitdamn!
by that one motherfucker October 18, 2004
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Meaning fuck...shit...damn! When you really screwed up and no stand alone curse word will do the job of expressing how bad you fucked up.
Fuckshitdamn I cant believe I sent the wrong message to her/him.
by GreenEyedRedhead July 06, 2016
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