1. A game combining the use of a frisbee and a yoyo.
2. Frodo playing yoyo.
2. An incorrect term used to describe frozen yogurt.
1. That was a great game of Froyo...I broke my own personal record.
2. Dude check it out, its Froyo!
2. Its not called froyo, its called frogurt.
by Yoghishi February 12, 2009
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Short for frozen yogurt. In reference to sorority girls who binge drink on the weekend and then exercise obsessively and eat frozen yogurt in order to avoid gaining weight.
Look at all those froyos walking to the gym after a long night of drinking and rawdogging.
by K-Swiss & Jew Bear April 10, 2011
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Release 2.2 of Google's Android.

Froyo is short for Frozen Yogurt and the first 'healthy' Android release, all previous release were named after candy.
Improvements: Flash 10.1, storing apps on SD card, new web browser.
While most phones were still on Donut or Eclair, Gingerbread was already announced. Upgrading to Froyo is going rapidly though.
A: I feel like some frozen yogurt!

B: Dude, I just upgraded to Eclair?

A: Huh?

B: Frozen yogurt... Froyo... get with the program!
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
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Google's not-so-secret code name for their phone operating system, Android 2.2.
What's the iPhone got that a Froyo phone doesn't? An egomaniac in a black sweater.
by Not Bob Either June 30, 2010
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Sex act: When a man cums on a person's face and says this is brand name bitch.
I told her I was taking her for frogurt, and froyoed all over her face instead.
by Cramoner November 28, 2021
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Something you say when you run out of things to say and/or don't know how to reply to someone.

First coined by C.S.
"Hey, wanna hook up tonight after the party?"

by ErebusC July 6, 2013
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