Person 1: Where did Evan go?
Person 2: To get some Frozen Yogurt.
Person 1: What a bitch ass nigga!
by D Ten June 13, 2015
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A term used at work that informs your co-workers that you are going to engage in sexual activity.
Hey bro, can you cover for me? I'm going out for some frozen yogurt.
by Vishus January 7, 2010
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a yogurt that has been frozen, and can be eaten like an ice cream. James does love it, too much.
Frozen Yogurt

1: We will meet at the shop?
2: yeh um..
James: its not bad, its not bad
2: maybe outside the cinemas
1: umm..
James: yep yep im gettin into it!
by Domenicatooooo April 23, 2008
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Ejaculation when performed outside at temperatures below freezing. Use caution.
"It's supposed to be -8 tonight, I was thinking of getting some frozen yogurt."
"Jesus dude, be careful. Bring some warm water in a thermos, all right?."
by TheGiggler December 21, 2008
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When someone defecates both sperm and feces at the same time. Thus looking like the twist option from frozen yogurt machines.
"sure she enjoyed the orgy, but now she was leaving frozen yogurts in the toilet"
by deyf January 9, 2008
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A naked man with an erection stands up and a woman is on her knees behind the man(so she is looking at his butt). Then the woman open her mouth and reaches through the man's legs and pulls down the man's erection. The man then releases a dump into the woman's mouth. The action is similar to pulling a lever on a frozen yogurt machine.
I was craving some desert after intercourse, so my husband gave me an excellent chocolate frozen yogurt.
by Walks Is Tall July 30, 2008
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