Not protecting one's iPhone/smartphone with a case.

Generally considered a risky practice, it appeals to reckless individuals who think a bare phone feels and looks better.
"Even though I bought an Otter Box, I never use it. I don't like how it feels when I try and slide it into my pocket."

"I was raw dogging it at the bars this weekend. I woke up with some weird-looking little bumps on my screen. I rubbed it down with alcohol, so I think I'll be OK."
by Bubba Smithington June 05, 2013
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raw dogging is a term generally used for having sexual intercourse with a girl without the presence of a condom/ female dam.

To successfully raw dog a babe, you need to get a boner (some college kids may call it an erection, or a hardened dinky), then after making sure she is fairly wet/lubed up, you get into a position where you can easily, and comfortably insert your firm penis into her wet/lubed vagina. The first insertion is sadly considered a "raw dog", then after you make at least three full insertions, and pull outs, you've successfully raw dogged that babe. This enables you to brag to your lunch table about how you practice "raw dogging".

This may seem very enticing, though it can be risky, perhaps even sketchy. Some things that increase the "sketch" are your partner being a nasty fucking skank, or if she is on her period...and bleeding a lot.

(NOTE: raw dogging may also be associated with rape victims, or people belonging to a Indian reservation.)

Before raw dogging your super hot, carefully selected babe, you may want to have her assure you she is either on birth control, or clean(std free). You may also want the option to shower, or a nice clean towel to wipe off after. It will get very messy, and I assure you body fluids will fly.

It is preferred by many dudes/bros belonging to the condom free youth crew, that pulling out and then cumming on her abdominal region, or boobs is the most logical means of "squeezing her lemons/limes."
cfy guy-"Hey, I really want to have sex with you, I dont like how condoms feel though."

horny girlfriend-"It's okay, lucky for you I'm down with raw dogging."

"condoms? Nevermind, I'm raw dogging her later."

curious nerd-"whats your favorite condom?"
cfy crew kid-"dat bitches wet pussy glazed on mah dick, YEWWKNOWWHATIMSAYYYINNN?"

doctor-"have you had sex within the last month?"
cfyc kid-"umm, sure you can say that."

doctor-"did you use a condom?"
"cfyc kid-"YES, I SURE DID DOCTOR (obviously lying)."

rape victim-"Oh my god, mark! I Got raped last night!"
mark-"WAIT? so you got raw dogged?"

fret dude-"fuck, bro...look at my dick!"
fret dude's bro friend-"*prolonged whistle* wow, that is one raw dog. Take that puppy to the vet."
by snaggletoothnigga November 27, 2009
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