A shopping tool from google that existed between 2003 and 2007. Like this if you remember froogle. Also I am sure we can all agree that froogle is better than the shitfest that we today call google product search/google shopping.
I miss Froogle. Fuck this new Google Shopping bullshit.
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A absolute unit of a man with a small brain capacity, typically these men work as tradesmen and have a tendency to do stupid or strange things that may seem bizarre to people with bigger brains
The ‘Froogles’ building my fence kept wrestling in my garden instead of building the fence
by The Froogle men April 27, 2021
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Cheap beyond measure, utterly and positively Jewish to the Fullest extent
Daniel possesed a froogle mind set while selecting baseball cards to purchase, or while playing poker
by Johnasass June 28, 2005
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Im really Froogle
Your level of froogality is really low.
by Drew Thug June 29, 2005
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n. Smart shopping through Google
I found this shirt on froogle!
by Aceizace March 31, 2004
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n. A (quite useful) shopping utility provided through Google.

v. To own someone so thoroughly that a term like this is needed.
I totally froogled that camping n00b yesterday.
by Xtra_Zero December 1, 2004
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a fart that comes out wet and makes you feel really uncomfortable.
I froogled and my pants are wet.
by bread infection November 7, 2005
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