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It's a thin plastic board, usually about 7X10 inches. Often with drawings of various manga or anime (you can get all sorts of non-anime as well). They're meant to be used as a flat surface to put paper over and draw, but they're more usually used as collectors items nowadays.
I'm selling this shitajiki from <insert anime here> for <insert price here>.
by Aceizace April 16, 2004
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n. Smart shopping through Google
I found this shirt on froogle!
by Aceizace March 31, 2004
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Something that happens on such a huge scale it could be biblical- ie in the bible. So when Jesus walked on water or performed one of other many miricles they are considered on bibical proportions, after all they're in the bible.
This event is of biblical proportions!
by Aceizace April 18, 2004
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Well it could be a typo of 'wtf' = what the fuck, but i like to think of it meaning 'well fuck that' :D

Made comical by the online flash cartoon 'the end of the world', when a meteor is about to hit earth, and decides not to, and is just like 'well fuck that'.
Pay you £1000 for this piece of crap? wft!
by Aceizace July 25, 2004
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