The best of all corn chips. Many different types of Fritos (i.e. Fritos Scoops) have been formed from the original.
And so then he crushed my Fritos into tiny bits, proclaiming that I now had "more Fritos."
by Diggity Monkeez July 14, 2005
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Possibly the greatest substance on the face of the earth.

Fritos are corn chips, made by Frito-Lay, INC.

Ingredients: whole corn, corn oil, and salt. (not including the various flavored Fritos)

Apparently, Fritos are some nutritious sons-of-bitches, too.

..and these motherfuckers are guaranteed fresh, unless the packaging says otherwise.

Steve: Goddamnit, Fred, have you ever had Fritos?

Fred: Holy shit, man, those motherfuckers are delicious.
by dillan lol January 16, 2009
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Definition 1:
A tasty snack created by Doritos® which are very good

Definition 2:
The act of saying "Fritos" whilst someone is taking a free throw shot in basketball to "jynx" them.

Definition 3:
Consolense food. Often bought on a bad day or on a day when something has gone wrong. Fritos make the consumer feel better because people like eating unhealthy stuff
Example #1:
"Hey John lets go to the store at lunch because I am really craving some of those AMAZING Fritos, nacho cheese junk food has never been better!"

Example #2:
(Kyle lines up to take the free throw shot in a common basketball game called "bump", when suddenly...)
Chris: (yells) "FRITOS, does Kyle like Fritos?"
(Kyle misses the shot)
Chris: (Yelling again) "HaHa Kyle doesn't like Fritos, what the hell is wrong with you Kyle, they're delicious?"

Example #3:
Devin: "Ahh man I just bombed that test Mrs. Baker gave us in English, I think I'm going to fail. *sighs* How did u do Chris?"
Chris: "I ...umm... did ok, (Chris got 93.5% but doesn't want to brag, so he plays it modest) you'll do good next time and pass English Devin. Hey let's go get some Fritos at lunch and it'll make you feel much better!"
Devin: "Ahh yeah, I love Fritos. You're right I can still pass English, Mrs. Baker is just a bitch. Hey let's skip gym, I broke into John's locker and stole $20! Fritos for ALL!!!"
by Christopher Hendrix November 3, 2006
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When someone neglects cutting their toenails for so long, their length and color resemble Fritos.
For someone who maintains such a well-groomed appearance, she was shocked to see his fritoes when he took off his socks.
by Mr. Met 1974 November 1, 2009
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an call someone a frito is to say they are very stupid.
"you are such a frito!"
by barbraa-anne p. October 26, 2006
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Derogatory term for a Mexican, expanded to include Latino aliens.
They ought to deport that frito back to Mexico.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
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Unattractive jacked-up toes on ones feet. ie, corns, hang nails, rusty, crooked, crusty, ugly, deformed, missing, funky or stankin' toes, or some other type of negative toe issue.
Yeah, baby was fine and all, but when she asked me to suck them fucked-up fritos -- I had to get up outta there!
by HuskyMiller November 27, 2006
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