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A polite way to tell someone, "Go fuck yourself!" It's the kind of phrase that even if you've never heard it before, when said at the right time with the right attitude, everyone in the room knows exactly what it means.
TOM: How 'bout you let me borrow 20 bucks?
DICK: How 'bout you go sit and spin!
HARRY: That shit was funny.

Example #2: Today on television I heard Rosie O'Donnell tell Donald Trump to sit and spin. I almost pissed my pants.
by HuskyMiller December 21, 2006

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A long, long way to run.
Nigga please! That's waaay to fa for me to run.
by HuskyMiller January 12, 2007

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A metaphor that identifies the exact moment a TV show has reached its creative peak. Or to put it bluntly, it’s the beginning of the end of a once great show. The moment in which it becomes clear the writers are out of good ideas and the show has begun its decent downhill. It’s usually some ridiculous stunt, story line, major character change, or huge fundamental shift in the premise of the show that is viewed as nothing more than a desperate attempt to raise viewership and declining ratings. The phrase refers to an episode of the popular 1970’s sitcom Happy Days, in which one of the main characters is water skiing (while wearing his trademark leather motorcycle jacket mind you), and literally jumps over a shark.
As far as I’m concerned, America’s Next Top Model jumped the shark when Tyra chose that air-headed idiot Nicole as the winner, instead the much more talented and deserving Nik.
by HuskyMiller December 16, 2006

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A derogatory term that people from large urban metropolitan areas use to describe someone from a rual area or farm.
KeShawn: Hey man, did you see that Shit-Kicker today at the mall wearing a cowboy hat and those tight-ass Wrangler jeans in the Starbucks?

LaDanian: Yeah, that country Mo-Fo probably had a horse outside tied to a bus stop waiting on him.
by HuskyMiller January 11, 2007

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Used to announce the start of a battle, fight or competition. Similar to “let’s get it on” or "let’s get ready to rumble."
Wilmer Valderama always starts each Yo Mama competition by saying "let's bully!"

Example #2

FIRST IDIOT: You want a piece of me?
FIRST IDIOT: Let’s bully!
by HuskyMiller January 16, 2007

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The activity of posting racist comments on the internet. Includes any and all activity that disseminates, reinforces, promotes or perpetuates racial hate via the web. Written by an e-racist, these hate-filled rants are typically found on message boards and public comment sections throughout cyberspace.
If you read the public comments at Youtube for the Micheal Richards video, you'll agree that the level of e-racism displayed there is quite shocking.

Example #2: Every time a black person is voted off American Idol, the public message board for the show over-flows with e-racism.

by HuskyMiller January 11, 2007

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A person that posts racist comments on the internet. Includes any individual or entity that disseminates, reinforces or perpetuates messages of racial hate via the web. A phenomenon known as e-racism.

I can always count on the e-racists to come out of the wood work and post fucked-up comments on the web every time a black person is voted off a reality show.

Example #2: I was not at all surprised by all the e-racists that posted comments on Youtube agreeing with Michael Richards rant.
by HuskyMiller January 11, 2007

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