A Frigate was a type of ship that played many roles like carrying cargo, attacking ,defending and more like fighting pirates. Also know there are Frigate but there battle boats and there here now in the present now and there used for battle and defending and other things.
Ahoy ladies frigate up ahead”.

Frigate up ahead”.
by Pixel_Gamer February 13, 2020
What you say when your car breaks down for the ninth time in a week, and/or when your wife elopes with the postman.
"Oh, no, not again!!! Awww, frigate!"
by Fearman August 3, 2007

1. A relatively small, lightly armed warship normally tasked with ASW (anti-submarine warfare) and POS (protection of shipping, i.e. convoy escort). Frigates are less expensive than destroyers, and are therefore much more common among smaller navies. Frigate hulls are generally large enough to accomodate a full weapons suite, but frigates in large navies such as that of the United States are more lightly armed than the maximum weight available. Modern frigates typically carry at least one helicopter for ASW and SAR (search and rescue).

NATO standard designations are: FF (gun frigate), FFG (guided missile frigate), FFGN (nuclear-powered guided missile frigate, no longer used), and DE (destroyer escort, no longer used).

1. Two british frigates, the HMS Ardent and HMS Antelope, were sunk by Argentina during the Falklands War of 1982.
by thaks April 10, 2006
Full of all sorts of different types of se(a)men. from frigate, the type of navy vessel.
person 1: damn the printer is fucked again
person 2: no my friend, that printer is beyond being simply fucked, it is now totally frigated
by June 24, 2021
A Heavy Frigate is a large girl. Not necessarily fat, just large with a fair bit of meat on her (not tall skinny women). Heavy frigates can be extremely hot, for example, Kim Kardashian
man1: Have you seen Sally from the women's basketball team?
man2: Yeah bro she's hot, I love a good heavy frigate


man1: Hey I'm going to a party on the weekend and Sally's going to be there, I think she's hot for it too
man2: Awesome dude, there really is nothing like captaining a heavy frigate
by feretboy May 28, 2009
When the usual douche wagon/canoe/nozzle/etc just won't do. A heightened state of total douchebaggery.
"Dude, that guy splattered pee on my shoes at the urinals!"

"Yeah, what a freakin' douche frigate!"
by General Lee A. Dumas December 3, 2013
A person who is both gay, and a huge douchecanoe.
That Percy, he is such an ass frigate, that he once sucked a cock while it was in someone's ass.
by Lance Niggerdick Junior January 22, 2012