a guy from new zealand. an irc elite who rolls everyone a joint.
<ninth> dope
by nybotch February 2, 2004
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While many composers have composed a ninth symphony, when someone says they are going to go listen to "the ninth", it refers unanimously to Beethoven's Symphony No.9, Op.125 "Choral".
Dvorak's "From the New World" is a really good symphony.

Bah, The Ninth is better.
by moltovivace June 17, 2005
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When considering a pizza, 8 slices is the standard and correct amount to have in any normal situation. An additional ninth slice may not seem to cause any problems but is detrimental to the pizza as a whole. There is no place in the box for this ninth slice to fit, and it simply bothers the other 8 slices. Even after throwing this ninth slice away, it always attempts to make its way back to the box despite the fact that it is clearly unwanted and inferior to the other slices.
Dave: Looks like they gave us nine slices of pizza.
H: I’ll take the ninth slice.
Sheen: Oh I bet you would.
by ShmeatLover XD April 7, 2021
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An extremely rare situation which you're the only single person hanging out with a group of 4 couples. Although rare, if this doesn't convince you to get a girlfriend/boyfriend, I don't know what will.
Guy 1: Hey do you want to come hang out with me, Guy 2, Guy 3, and Guy 4? By the way our girlfriends are gonna be there too

You: No thanks man, I don't wanna be a ninth wheel.
by Jimmy the Least April 21, 2016
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A container used in professional kitchens, derived from it's size (one ninth the size of a standard hotel pan). Commonly used for holding salt, pepper, and most frequently, cocaine.
I've been working doubles for the past six days and I have to pull the overnight tonight. Someone get me a ninth pan before I fall asleep in the walk-in.
by chefm13 October 27, 2010
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Ninth Base (n.) - when you just have to slap your freaking partner off because they aren't giving you time in between orgasms. ENJOY!(:
It was hard for Penelope to breathe when Stanley took her to ninth base and all she could do was moan.
by WienerPoop April 12, 2008
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n. someone who is constantly doing things in a very awkward and vociferous manner as they squeam and squirm around trying to make sure they are not left out of the party or whatever might be going on; usually a very annoying person; it comes from there being 8 available tits to suck on (a dog that has just mothered a litter of puppies), and the 9th puppy is the one making all the ruckus trying to find a place to suck with no teets available.

Ninth puppies (esp. males) that grow up and obtain power are often consumed with the Napoleon complex or little man's syndrome.
My kid brother is such a ninth puppy. He's always nosing into what me and my friends are doing and won't just shut up and go away.
by MandMPlusJ March 6, 2008
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